Since the age of 5, I have systematically achieved every goal I set for myself and by today I am a responsible adult with my feet firmly planted on the ground, capable of fulfilling any commitment with determination, resilience and always giving back.

— James Jara

Botin INC.

Botin INC.
Botin has revolutionized the way Latin Americans can engage in stock trading. With a visionary approach,we have developed an innovative app that enables users to easily purchase stocks, opening up investment opportunities for individuals throughout the region. Botin has gained substantial recognition and support from prominent venture capital firms, including Y Combinator, Newtopia, Tom Blomfield, Pareto Holdings, Despegar, Actinver, Quiet Investments, Litquidity, and others. These distinguished investors have recognized the immense potential of Botin and have provided crucial financial backing and expertise. Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley, has been instrumental in supporting Botin’s growth. With their proven track record of nurturing successful startups, Y Combinator’s involvement signifies a significant milestone for James and Botin. Newtopia, an early-stage investment fund, has also recognized the disruptive nature of Botin’s app and has contributed both financial resources and specialized knowledge to fuel its development. Tom Blomfield, renowned as a co-founder of Monzo, a successful digital bank in the UK, brings invaluable insights from the financial services and technology sectors. Tom’s involvement as an investor further strengthens Botin’s position in the market. Additionally, the support from Pareto Holdings, Despegar, Actinver, Quiet Investments, and Litquidity demonstrates the confidence these respected investment firms have in Botin’s mission and potential for success.



Antit is a distinguished software development company. With an impressive portfolio of building multiple mobile products for top startups, Antit has gained recognition as a trusted industry leader. What sets Antit apart is its remarkable journey – built entirely on the foundation of James’s dedication and perseverance. James utilized their personal savings to establish and grow the company without relying on external financing or venture capital. This remarkable achievement reflects James’s entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence, through a combination of technical expertise and a strong work ethic.

I delegated successfully this company to a general manager.



The Crypto Dash was created with the vision of providing cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors an easy and accessible way to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and prices of various digital assets. Unlike other cryptocurrency aggregators, The Crypto Dash stands out as a non-profit, with its primary aim being to provide a free service to the community. Give back!


TheCryptoDash runs on autopilot with 0 bugs.



Licuick was a pioneering delivery app, applied to F6S.  We built this startup during a time when Uber Eats had not yet penetrated the Latin American market, making it a blue ocean opportunity.

The project successfully reached the commercialization stage and secured a few clients. However, it ultimately faced failure due to the lack of payment gateways capable of enabling split payments between merchants, couriers, and Licuick. This limitation affected the scalability of the business, so we shut it down.

Singularity > Clean energy

James, a forward-thinking entrepreneur passionate about clean energy, set out on an extraordinary mission to transform the industrial landscape. His innovative idea? Tapping into the boundless power of ocean waves to generate clean and sustainable energy. Despite his proposal not being accepted into the program, James dedicated countless hours to developing and refining his concept, along with a comprehensive commercialization plan.


James made a courageous decision to depart from his home country and embark on a new chapter in Cali, Colombia, with the ambitious venture of Spartug, as a requirement to receive the venture capital investment, he embraced the challenges that awaited him. Despite facing financial constraints and living on a modest $500 salary, James remained resolute in his pursuit.

Throughout the journey, the Spartug project encountered a formidable obstacle – the language (English required) barrier in the region, which hindered effective product commercialization. Despite their best efforts, finding a viable solution proved elusive. It became evident that the team’s focus on product development overshadowed the crucial aspect of comprehensive marketing strategies.

While the Spartug project ultimately met an untimely end, James’s unwavering determination and resilience demonstrate the true spirit of an entrepreneur. This journey serves as a testament to the lessons learned and the transformative power of setbacks, shaping James’s professional growth and refining his understanding of the intricate dynamics of business.

James’s story exemplifies the dedication and adaptability required in the entrepreneurial landscape. It is a testament to his ability to convert challenges into stepping stones for future success, as he emerges stronger, wiser, and prepared for new ventures on the horizon.

Status: closed due to the lack of commercialization and a language barrier in the region (Cali, Colombia).



BLACKHAT james jara netdb

NETDB.IO stood out for its unique approach to IoT-related information security. The project involved deploying scanning bots to explore every IP address worldwide, competing against renowned brands like Shodan, ZoomEye, and Censys. Unfortunately, due to a lack of capital to compete effectively against these established players, the project had to be closed.

James Jara’s expertise and contributions to the field of IoT security research have left a lasting impact. His visionary leadership and technical acumen have helped shape the industry, and his commitment to advancing information security remains unwavering.


In this presentation we are going to explain and demonstrate step by step in a real attack scenario how a remote attacker could elevate privileges in order to take control remotely in a production seismological network located at 183mts under the sea.


Busco socio online

“Busco Socio Online,” a skill and tag-based directory platform designed to connect individuals seeking business partners. The project garnered a considerable user base but faced challenges in monetization and lacked a payment platform, ultimately resulting in its closure.


30 under 30 | El Financiero

30 under 30 | El Financiero

“El Financiero” presents the 30 Under 30 Class of 2014: 30 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars.


Registro de mascotas

At the young age of 18, I successfully coordinated international business operations with China through Alibaba. Utilizing Alibaba, I connected with various suppliers, including those for packaging design, QR code creation, and collar chips. Additionally, I personally developed the web platform and app. Achieving sales of more or about one thousand dollars was a significant milestone for me at the time, I even personally conducted home deliveries using my own motorcycle. I will always remember those days.

First touch

I embarked on the development of a 3D application —a game, to be precise (check the video, for the year it was very promising better FPS than big companies’ products). It held immense promise and marked the beginning of my journey in the world of technology. I started with Delphi 7 and Pascal, flash studio, and others. I took my first steps, gradually progressing through several low-level programming languages. In those youthful days, I would barely sleep for four hours, driven by an insatiable urge to program endlessly.


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