Botin INC.

Botin has revolutionized the way Latin Americans can engage in stock trading. With a visionary approach,we have developed an innovative app that enables users to easily purchase stocks, opening up investment opportunities for individuals throughout the region.

Botin has gained substantial recognition and support from prominent venture capital firms, including Y Combinator, Newtopia, Tom Blomfield, Pareto Holdings, Despegar, Actinver, Quiet Investments, Litquidity, and others. These distinguished investors have recognized the immense potential of Botin and have provided crucial financial backing and expertise.

Y Combinator, a prestigious startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley, has been instrumental in supporting Botin’s growth. With their proven track record of nurturing successful startups, Y Combinator’s involvement signifies a significant milestone for James and Botin.

Newtopia, an early-stage investment fund, has also recognized the disruptive nature of Botin’s app and has contributed both financial resources and specialized knowledge to fuel its development.

Tom Blomfield, renowned as a co-founder of Monzo, a successful digital bank in the UK, brings invaluable insights from the financial services and technology sectors. Tom’s involvement as an investor further strengthens Botin’s position in the market.

Additionally, the support from Pareto Holdings, Despegar, Actinver, Quiet Investments, and Litquidity demonstrates the confidence these respected investment firms have in Botin’s mission and potential for success.





James Jara