2013 Busco socio online

“Busco Socio Online,” a skill and tag-based directory platform designed to connect individuals seeking business partners. The project garnered a considerable user base but faced challenges in monetization and lacked a payment platform, ultimately resulting in its closure.

We thought of several ideas and one of them was to help entrepreneurs find other investors. Offers the partner profile they need; For example, if you are needing a web developer to start a business together, you can search and filter according to the characteristics of the person.

Founded Date2013
Operating StatusInactive
Funding TypeNone
IndustriesDirectory platform
My roleFounder
Annual Recurring Revenue
Startup Table

With this platform, you will go in and look for a specialist partner. “There are different people who are willing to partner with you, plus it gives you the ability to tell you where that person is from – in case you need them to be from a specific area.





James Jara