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  • First touch

    I embarked on the development of a 3D application —a game, to be precise (check the video, for the year it was very promising better FPS than big companies’ products). It held immense promise and marked the beginning of my journey in the world of technology. I started with Delphi 7 and Pascal, flash studio,…

  • Spartug

    James made a courageous decision to depart from his home country and embark on a new chapter in Cali, Colombia, with the ambitious venture of Spartug, as a requirement to receive the venture capital investment, he embraced the challenges that awaited him. Despite facing financial constraints and living on a modest $500 salary, James remained…

  • Licuick

    Licuick was a pioneering delivery app, applied to F6S.  We built this startup during a time when Uber Eats had not yet penetrated the Latin American market, making it a blue ocean opportunity. The project successfully reached the commercialization stage and secured a few clients. However, it ultimately faced failure due to the lack of…

  • TheCryptoDash

    The Crypto Dash was created with the vision of providing cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors an easy and accessible way to stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and prices of various digital assets. Unlike other cryptocurrency aggregators, The Crypto Dash stands out as a non-profit, with its primary aim being to provide a free service…

  • 30 under 30 | El Financiero

    30 under 30 | El Financiero

    “El Financiero” presents the 30 Under 30 Class of 2014: 30 of the brightest young entrepreneurs, leaders, and stars.

  • Registro de mascotas

    At the young age of 18, I successfully coordinated international business operations with China through Alibaba. Utilizing Alibaba, I connected with various suppliers, including those for packaging design, QR code creation, and collar chips. Additionally, I personally developed the web platform and app. Achieving sales of more or about one thousand dollars was a significant…

  • Busco socio online

    “Busco Socio Online,” a skill and tag-based directory platform designed to connect individuals seeking business partners. The project garnered a considerable user base but faced challenges in monetization and lacked a payment platform, ultimately resulting in its closure.

  • Singularity video submit

  • Singularity > Clean energy

    James, a forward-thinking entrepreneur passionate about clean energy, set out on an extraordinary mission to transform the industrial landscape. His innovative idea? Tapping into the boundless power of ocean waves to generate clean and sustainable energy. Despite his proposal not being accepted into the program, James dedicated countless hours to developing and refining his concept,…

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