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  • Defcon


    In this presentation we are going to explain and demonstrate step by step in a real attack scenario how a remote attacker could elevate privileges in order to take control remotely in a production seismological network located at 183mts under the sea.



    NETDB.IO stood out for its unique approach to IoT-related information security. The project involved deploying scanning bots to explore every IP address worldwide, competing against renowned brands like Shodan, ZoomEye, and Censys. Unfortunately, due to a lack of capital to compete effectively against these established players, the project had to be closed. James Jara’s expertise…

  • Botin INC.

    Botin INC.

    Botin has revolutionized the way Latin Americans can engage in stock trading. With a visionary approach,we have developed an innovative app that enables users to easily purchase stocks, opening up investment opportunities for individuals throughout the region. Botin has gained substantial recognition and support from prominent venture capital firms, including Y Combinator, Newtopia, Tom Blomfield,…