2015 netdb.io Iot Search Engine

NETDB.IO stood out for its unique approach to IoT-related information security. The project involved deploying scanning bots to explore every IP address worldwide, competing against renowned brands like Shodan, ZoomEye, and Censys. Unfortunately, due to a lack of capital to compete effectively against these established players, the project had to be closed. James Jara’s expertise and contributions to the field of IoT security research have left a lasting impact. His visionary leadership and technical acumen have helped shape the industry, and his commitment to advancing information security remains unwavering.

Netdb on action! turn on the audio! and open full-screen mode, hacker activated.

Founded Date2015
Operating StatusInactive
Funding TypeNone
IndustriesIot Search Engine, Infosecurity
My roleCTO
Annual Recurring Revenue
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Bertine & James of NETDB IO Interview

This time on Hacker Warehouse TV we interview Bertine and James of NetDB.io at DEF CON 24. We talk about how they used the NetDB database to find unencrypted seismic sensors in the middle of the ocean.

NETDB.IO was presented around the globe!

  • Black Hat USA 2016 https://www.blackhat.com/us-16/presenters/James-Jara.html
  • https://ltve.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/buscador-de-internet-de-las-cosas-iot/
  • Dragon Jar Colombia https://www.dragonjar.org/explotando-y-atacando-redes-sismologicas-remotamente.xhtml
  • Hack.lu Luxemburgo http://archive.hack.lu/2016/JamesJara-hacklu2016.pdf

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