2016 Spartug

James made a courageous decision to depart from his home country and embark on a new chapter in Cali, Colombia, with the ambitious venture of Spartug, as a requirement to receive the venture capital investment, he embraced the challenges that awaited him. Despite facing financial constraints and living on a modest $500 salary, James remained resolute in his pursuit.

Throughout the journey, the Spartug project encountered a formidable obstacle – the language (English required) barrier in the region, which hindered effective product commercialization. Despite their best efforts, finding a viable solution proved elusive. It became evident that the team’s focus on product development overshadowed the crucial aspect of comprehensive marketing strategies.

While the Spartug project ultimately met an untimely end, James’s unwavering determination and resilience demonstrate the true spirit of an entrepreneur. This journey serves as a testament to the lessons learned and the transformative power of setbacks, shaping James’s professional growth and refining his understanding of the intricate dynamics of business.

Founded Date2016
Operating StatusInactive
Funding TypePre-seed Angel
IndustriesCrowdtesting, bug bounty, hacking as a service.
My roleCTO
Annual Recurring Revenue
Startup Table

James’s story exemplifies the dedication and adaptability required in the entrepreneurial landscape. It is a testament to his ability to convert challenges into stepping stones for future success, as he emerges stronger, wiser, and prepared for new ventures on the horizon.




James Jara